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Frequently Asked Walk-in Tub Questions

Purchasing a walk in tub is a major decision.

Senior Home Safety Solutions understands that you have questions.

That’s why we have listed a few frequently asked questions we hear regarding the purchase of a walk in tub.

There may be questions you have that we have not covered below – do not hesitate to ask us!

Please contact us now, so we may be able to address your concerns immediately.

Will installing a walk in tub or shower take too long?

The duration of installation will depend on the scope of work. Normally, it takes two to three days to install a walk in tub or shower.

How long will the whole project take from the time that I will have placed my order?

On a standard project, the duration from order to installation normally does not extend beyond two weeks.

Is Senior Home Safety Solutions affiliated with any manufacturers?

Of course, we are affiliated with several manufacturers. In fact, our wealth of experience and knowledge, as we have worked with them, have enabled us to provide you with the best solutions for your needs and wants at the most convenient price.

What will I get if I work with Senior Home Safety Solutions?

Senior Home Safety Solutions offers you an independent approach for you to purchase a walk in tub or shower that would suit your preferences and requirements without going out of budget. We will help you from order to installation. Visiting our site will help you decide on what to buy as we provide discussions and reviews here. Models to suit every health issue and home.

How will you be able to help me in choosing the right product?

We offer a free telephone quote with one of our managers for FREE. But in order for us to do that, you must first either give us a call or fill out our contact form.

What happens during the FREE in home consultation with one of your managers?

Rest assured that there will be no sales pressure during your scheduled FREE in home consultation. We will just discuss with you your possible choices and how we could help you. We are here to guide you toward the right product for you as we educate you on the benefits and installation process.

Can we still use the bathroom during construction?

Knowing that installation will take a day or two, we make sure that the bathroom will be cleaned after each working day. This will allow you to use it, especially when it is the only bathroom at home. Yet again, the use of the bathroom during installation will usually depend on the scope of the work itself.

Will there be a lot of your men who will be working on my project at home?

There will be at least two of our trusted men who will go to your home for the project.

What will you do to the old tub or shower that you will be taking out of my bathroom?

As soon as the old tub or shower will be taken out of your bathroom, it will become useless. However, we will take everything away and see what can we still recycle. In this way, you will not worry of where or how to dispose of them.


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